Youth Village De Glind


Daily life in Youth Village De Glind. Wensal (10): 'I can sleep well. And I eat well. And I am happy.’

About 100 children live with their foster parents in Youth Village De Glind. They go to school, do sports, play and receive the care they need. I portrayed their lives for the foundation.

For a year I visited the children of De Glind every few weeks. I often stayed with one family, joined dinner and came to birthday parties. The security and bond between the children and their foster parents moves me.

Carl (11): 'I like living here because it's easier to make friends here.'

The photos and interviews came together in a booklet for anyone who wants to learn more about Youth Village De Glind.

Director Gerard de Jong: 'We consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to work with Isabelle. She captured what touched her with beautiful, striking images. Images that speak for themselves.'